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Our mission is to help make the lives of dental professionals easier by offering a simplified approach that saves time and reduces risk. Based in Australia we are aware of how privileged we are to have access to affordable dental and medical treatment. Though for a vast amount of people worldwide, this is sadly not the case and their suffering is extreme.

Below is a rundown of all the incredible charities and organisations we work with to help them improve the lives of those living in poverty.

Australian Dental Outreach Foundation

Helping the community in South Australia

Dental Wellness Trust

Providing dental health to kids daily

Smile Vanuatu

Health, education, research and activism

Medical Santo

Give, Pray, Come

Australian Vietnam Volunteers Group

Providing humanitarian aid in Vietnam

One Salt Water

Unify, transform, mobilise

Youth with a Mission

Care, connect, serve, build

Brisbane Youth Service

New futures for young people


Improving the worlds oral health

Dentistry from the Heart

Providing dental care to those in need

Refugee Crisis Foundation

Promoting the wellbeing of people

RSPCA Queensland

Helping animals and changing lives