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Single Use Dental Instruments in the dental surgery

Picking up the drill, packing in the composite, cleaning off calculus and making sure the patient leaves with a smile is a routine day for a general dentist. Meanwhile, your mind skips back and forth from treatment, to why the suction is hovering outside the patient’s mouth, where the next instrument is and maybe even a thought about last night’s rugby. The dental office can be a stressful place and when it’s running smoothly it just flows but when it’s not, your hands are sweating and it takes forever to get that glove back on.

As a dentist, you want to come into surgery and just do the treatment and not have to worry about the infection control behind the scenes. We’re expecting the practice owners to be on top of this, but yet the burden will fall on the dentist if there is a slip-up, so the AHPRA and ADA standards are in the back of your head all the time. Your heart sinks a bit when you hear of a dental practice getting audited for infection control. You look around your practice and think would your practice pass an audit?

So what’s a way to put everyone’s mind at ease and make life easier? Single-use dental instruments of course! The dental nurse isn’t running off in between patients to help scrub instruments and make sure she gets a load in so that you have enough instruments for your afternoon. The autoclave induced panic when it starts playing up is reduced because you have enough instruments to see you through until the maintenance man gets in. Freeing up so much time means you can get another patient in or even spend a little longer burnishing that matrix band for the perfect contact point!

Each time you open a pack of single-use dental instruments, your patient is getting a sterile set of new instruments that haven’t been used on someone else plus, you get that brand new instrument feeling. Single-use dental instruments have focused on making quality sharp metal instruments eliminating the wear and tear that you would face with reusable instruments. Many medical specialities have gone down the path of single-use instruments and there’s plenty of scope for it in dentistry. Instrument packs are customizable so you can have exactly what instruments you want for your procedure reducing clutter on the tray.

So make dental life easier, get started on your journey of single-use dental instruments and order your free samples today!