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Our SMART Waste Recovery Program

You’re here for a reason. Biggish picture – that may be to give people aesthetically beautiful pearly whites. Or pull teeth that are causing mind-boggling amounts of discomfort and pain. Maybe its preventative, you spend all day sticking probes in gums and telling people to floss and only use Colgate. Smaller picture – you’re here to learn about our SMART Waste Recovery Program (conveniently shortened to SMART Waste).

That’s our reason for being here. We believe the world benefits from single use solutions but doesn’t benefit from throwing waste in the ground. So, like you, we are taking preventative measures to ensure we won’t need extracting once we’ve abused and destroyed the only planet we have.

One set of teeth.
One planet.

Our society is continually moving in the direction of preventative action in an effort to mitigate long term risk. Where the preventative action occurs is debatable. At the point of manufacture, at the point of use, or at the point of disposal. These are all viable methods however within the complexities of a dental clinic we feel the point of disposal offers the most tangible benefit.

At its core, the goal of our SMART Waste Recovery Program is a single-use zero waste solution to dental instruments. We have a steadfast goal and the necessity to employ continually evolving methods to achieve it. The first step in our preventative journey is to work within the confines of the system and where possible reduce the volume of waste that goes to landfill.

How can you do that? Well if you already use Single Use instruments or want to then you sign up for our SMART Waste program. We deliver you sharps containers; you fill them, and we organise to collect them. A process that gives us the capability to recover that waste which can then be processed using the most environmentally sustainable method available to the industry at the time. You can find out more about how it works below.

What’s different

Traditionally the end of life for sharps waste is landfill. That’s what we are trying to change. The only way we change that is by supplying and collecting the sharps containers. Something we’ve tried to keep as simple as possible. Order your sharps containers off us and we deliver them. Step 1 is super simple!


How does it work?

Hard to believe but step 2 gets even easier. Practice dentistry, use Single Use instruments and dispose of them in our sharps containers. No complex sterilisation workflows, less instrument handling, and a reduced risk of sharps injuries. Sounds pretty simple so far.


The hardest part!

Time to remember our phone number… or maybe speed dial is your friend? Give our team a call on 07 5445 6486 and we will organise for collection of our sharps containers. We nearly forgot the best part! No hidden costs, its all been included when we supplied you the containers. It’s even easier if you want to schedule your collections. Weekly, fortnightly or monthly so you won’t need to worry about anything. Just sit back, relax and let us take care of the waste.


The properly hard part

You know the adage ‘if it were easy, everyone would do it’…that stands true for recycling clinical waste. Our goal is complete recycling, zero instruments to landfill and a useful by-product. Full disclosure we can’t do that today. What we can do is substantially reduce waste to landfill. It will evolve and grow into complete recycling but only if our customers use our SMART Waste Recovery program. It gives our partners the incentives to excite change and that is the hard part that is worth doing!


Clinical waste recycling is a complicated subject and we’d love you to read more about our challenges, possible solutions and how you can help.


If you’re interested in talking to someone further about our SMART Waste Recovery Program

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Smart Waste Recovery Program step 2 graphic
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The Sharps Containers

Single Use are a registered distributor of Terumo sharps containers and we have selected a range of disposal options that best suit your instrument needs. All containers are high quality single use solutions (we wouldn’t have it any other way) manufactured from puncture resistant polypropylene and polyethylene that comply with Australian Standard AS4031.

Now we’ve got the legal specs out of the way let us explain why the 11L roll top containers are the only sharps containers you’ll ever need.

Capacity: ~300 instruments

Sharps Container

It’s nearly like we worked with Terumo on this next part. An 11L container can dispose of around 1 dispenser, which is about 300 instruments. That means no complicated maths for you or us!

Don’t know how many instruments you use or would use? Get in touch with a brand rep and they will happily help to figure it out.

We already dropped the ball and mentioned the roll top lid so we may as well elaborate. The safety conscious counter-levered roll top lid does exactly that, puts your safety first. No instrument juggling necessary while unscrewing lids. Pop the top, slide em in and pop it shut. Quick, easy, and efficient. Not only will it never be easier to setup for a patient, it’s now easier to clean up too!


Easy to assemble, the containers are supplied nested to save space and with a separate lid that must be pressed down until all the locking clips engage. Once it’s full it can be permanently locked and stored ready for collection.

Feel like wall mounting your container? We have all the accessories you need to make it happen and we’ll just give them to you…what more could you ask for?

Are you staring at this page wondering why you’re not saving buckets of time doing examinations using single use instruments? Us too! Get in touch today to find out how you start the transition from a clunky autoclave to the instruments of the future.

Our Future Vision and Goal

Our end goal is to recover the raw material resources that are used to manufacture Single Use instruments. By completing this process we can simultaneously ensure that no Single Use instruments end their life in landfill and provide additional value to the healthcare industry. This will be achieved by reprocessing the raw materials into value-added products supplied through non-for-profit organisations. Some examples of this include but are not limited to the supply of wheelchairs and other healthcare necessities manufactured from stainless steel and providing the materials to manufacture recycled plastic beach access mats for the disabled.

Our current waste management proposal is focused on a method that utilises a neutral waste recycling solution. As we implement this proposal and develop a better understanding of our waste potential, we will be able to utilise this information to develop relationships with companies that want to recover and repurpose the raw material resources.