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Join The Zero-Waste Ambition – Our SMART Waste Recovery Program

The Socioeconomic Methods Advancing Responsible Treatment of Waste Recovery Program is our solution for dental practitioners that are concerned about compromising the health of our planet.

One Set of Teeth
One Planet.

In our world where every action affects environmental conservation, the choices we make today can make a significant difference for waste management.

The program utilises measures to minimise the environmental harm of dental waste. SMART Waste takes preventative action today in the hope of mitigating long-term risk for tomorrow.

What Is SMART Waste?

The Recovery Program is a best-practice waste management solution for dental instruments. It creates opportunities to learn, adapt and evolve. An adaptive method that reduces landfill volume by 90%. By correctly collecting the waste, the potential energy can be captured and utilised.

The benefit of SMART Waste is the capability to recover and reprocess waste with the most environmentally sustainable methods available in the industry presently. It can be adapted to new, improved and more sustainable methods with new developments for scalable operations.

How SMART Waste Works

We use a simple 5-step process:

1. Register

Get started by checking your eligibility to join our SMART Waste program, complete the form or call our team

2. Order

Secure your SMART Waste container, and get same-day dispatch direct to your office.

3. Usage

Dispose of instruments and sharps waste in the container supplied.

4. Collection

When ready to dispose of waste, call our team on (07) 5445 6486 for waste collection.

5. Repurpose

We take your waste to its endpoint where it’s used as fuel in a waste processing plant.

The SMART Waste Difference

Typically, the lifecycle of sharps waste ends in landfill. We simplify waste management, reducing instrument handling to minimise the risk of sharps injuries and cross-contamination.

The SMART Waste Recovery Program has no hidden costs, the service is included when supplying the containers. Containers can be collected weekly, fortnightly, or monthly depending on your unique needs. 

Although our goal is to achieve zero-waste, it’s a work in progress that we’re committed to achieving. Today, we’re substantially reducing waste to landfill and will continue to adapt and grow for positive change.

The Sharps Collector

Our sharps containers are a quality Single Use solution manufactured from puncture-resistant polypropylene and polyethylene complying with Australian Standards AS4031.

Sharps Container

An 11L container can dispose roughly 300 instruments. If you’re uncertain how many instruments you use or would use, our team can help determine your waste levels to find the perfect number of containers for your practice.

A separate lid is supplied that can permanently lock the container for collection by pressing down until all locking clips engage. We can supply an accessory should you wish to wall mount the container. 

A separate lid is supplied that can permanently lock the container for collection by pressing down until all locking clips engage. We supply accessories should you wish to wall mount the container.

The Future of SMART Waste

Waste can be reprocessed for raw materials in the healthcare industry as value-added products supplied through not-for-profit organisations that distribute necessities manufactured from stainless steel and recycled plastics.

Join the SMART Movement

Are you ready to make a difference?
See if you’re eligible to join our SMART Waste Recovery Program for a brighter, environmentally responsible future in dental care.