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Experience the Excellence of Single Use Sterile Dental Instruments

We understand the importance of quality dental instruments for dental care and practice efficiency.

Take advantage of samples that promise precision, safety, and sterility.

Simple Steps to Request Your Free Samples

Ready to test the Single Use difference? Requesting samples is quick and easy. Simply complete the form with the relevant details. Our team will review your request and once confirmed we’ll ship your sample kit directly to your office, same-day dispatch. You can request specific samples to test below:

Why Single Use Samples?

For the modern dentist, it’s a new way of thinking for a smarter way of working while striving for a zero-waste solution.

Restorative, diagnostic, surgical instruments and consumables made for convenience and performance to secure your peace of mind.

Test a set of free, quality, sterile samples that are ready to use upon arrival. 

The Single Use Commitment to Your Success

Using Single Use instruments in your practice can improve operational efficiencies and infection control.

Reduce the risk of cross-contamination while keeping dental simple.

Dentists and Hygienists that Made the Single Use Switch

“The difference Single Use Instruments has made to our practice efficiency is huge. Having less instruments to process through sterilisation frees up our dental nurses to focus on other tasks, improving our time management and ensuring a smooth daily flow. Our dentists love Single Use because they always have a sharp probe, and a clear mirror to work with.”

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Practice Manager

“Single Use Dental Instruments are perfect for our mobile services. We use the Periodontal Diagnostic Kits which have everything we need for a comprehensive examination – including instruments, masks, bib, cotton rolls, tissue and tray all in one kit. This makes traveling a breeze. We love how sharp the hand scalers are and how comfortable all their instruments are to hold. We also love that they are environmentally conscious and we are part of their sustainable SMART Waste Management Program. Staff are always prompt with reply’s, friendly and knowledgeable. We are extremely happy with their service and couldn’t recommend them more.”

Brie Jones

Practice Manager

“I use Single Use Dental Instruments daily in my mobile dental business. It allows me to see my patients with the confidence of sterile instruments at time of use every time. The quality instruments give me the freedom to use as many instruments needed without needing to stop and wait to re-process/autoclave. Efficiency is very important to every business owner, Single Use Instruments helps my business run smoothly every time.”

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Shida Taheri

Dental Hygienist & Oral Health Therapist

“The two words to describe the Single Use Instruments are efficiency and quality. Being a Prosthodontist, the quality of instruments is critical for me to be able to see and feel all intricate details. We don’t only utilise these instruments in practice but also for my continuous education programs for dentists to maintain optimal infection control. The time saving in not having to sterilise instruments repeatedly is alone enough for me to recommend Single Use and the brilliant team behind this company is just the cherry on top.”

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Dr Varun Garg