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Privacy Policy

+ Who we are
At Single Use Dental Instruments, we are committed to maintaining the trust and privacy of our customers, website users and subscribers. As a company, we have no desire to sell, rent or trade personal information with other companies or businesses for marketing purposes. To ensure complete transparency we have created a detailed and simple Privacy Policy which outlines when and why we collect your personal information, how it is used, how we keep it secure and the limited conditions under which it may be disclosed to others. By using our website, you agree to the collection and use of your information as described in this policy.

+ Collection of personal information

The information we collect from you is obtained both directly and automatically when you engage with our website and services. When you visit our website, information such as your domain name, browser type, device type, operating system, interactions with our online content, IP address, referring URL, landing page and navigation through further website pages, length of session and device ID, are tracked by third party analytics software’s to provide anonymous statistics on how well users are interacting with our site, content and services. Once you identify yourself to us by becoming a customer, subscriber or service user, we collect any information that you provide. The level of information required for different parts of our service can vary. For example, subscribers to our mailing list are only required to provide a name and email address. When obtaining a quote for dental instruments, information such as company name, address and phone number must be provided and when creating an account, a username and password would also need to be set. When a user becomes a customer, further information such as payment method and billing address is needed for transactions to take place. Upon receiving payment information, it is used solely to collect payment for the products and services purchased and to check payment qualifications if necessary. These details, along with your previous order history and payments dates are then securely stored.

+ How this information is used

We collect your personal information simply to provide you with a better service. The tracking of individualised data gives us the behavioural history for each person who buys our products, uses our website and engages with our content. Having this insight into your interactions with our brand enables us to deliver a more personalised experience and support where you need it. To break it down more thoroughly, we use the information we collect for the below reasons: Customer service: To fulfil our service promise to you in a timely and efficient manner. Such as the completion of orders, responding to inquiries and complaints, confirming or seeking additional information required and most importantly, to check whether you are a happy and satisfied customer. Personalisation: To provide personalised content and assistance, customisation where possible and to tailor information to your preferences and needs. Informative communications: To keep you updated with the latest news, developments and offers that we believe would be of interest to you. This also includes contact for marketing and promotional purposes in forms such as email campaigns, monthly newsletters, informational blogs, advertisements on social sites and other third party online platforms. Improvements: To analyse user activity and establish trends in behaviours. By measuring actions and engagement we can see what our customers like and don’t like, assess how good we are keeping them happy and establish where there is room for us to improve our offering. On the rare and unlikely occasion, we may be required to disclose your personal information to third parties. This may be in the instance that we need to obtain a credit report or commercial credit information about you or when required to do so by law.

+ Cookies

For us to collect information as described above, cookies are enabled on our website. A cookie is a small summary file containing a unique identification number. When browsing our website, cookies are sent to a computer’s hard drive to provide us detailed information on our website traffic. This information is stored in our chosen third party analytics software to help us gain insights, personalise our customer service, improve the functionality of our website and for marketing purposes. Cookies do not allow us access to your computer and you are free to disable your cookies at any time by consulting your browser’s manual. In doing this some functions on our website may be impacted. Please note if you breach any of our terms and conditions or conduct any illegal actions on our website, we may collect your IP address.

+ Other tracking and interest-based advertising

To analyse the information we collect from you and to assess how you interact with our products, marketing, promotions, communications and advertisements, we utilise various third party software’s and services. Our email marketing campaigns are sent through Campaign Monitor, to deliver our newsletter, updates and special offers. Web beacons can be included in our marketing emails, regular emails and electronic communications to see if the communication was opened and how it was interacted with. This helps us to see what information is relevant and helpful to you and cut back on anything that isn’t necessary. If at any point you want to unsubscribe from our marketing email list, you are free to do so. You can do this by selecting the unsubscribe button at the bottom of our emails. Please note that this will only stop us sending marketing emails to you, communications around your customer activity will still be in place. To maintain up to date and accurate customer data and to ensure we communicate with you in an efficient and timely manner, our sales team uses HubSpot’s CRM system. This helps to organise and track customer communications, meetings and requests all in one place. When it comes to our website, to analyse trends, behaviours and user interactions, the anonymous statistics mentioned earlier are collected and stored in Google Analytics. You can read more about how Google Analytics collects this data here. Anonymous user activity is also captured in Hojtar, which adopts technology such as heatmaps and website session recordings to give us a better insight into what elements of our website are working. Being able to see where users clicked, scrolled and dropped off allows us to improve the functionality of our site and your browsing experience. If you do not wish to have your anonymous user sessions assessed by Hotjar, you can visit their opt-out page and click ‘Disable Hotjar’. Where both anonymous and personal data is tracked together is in the Woopra analytics platform. As mentioned earlier, website interaction data is collected anonymously initially. However, once you subscribe, create an account, request a quote or become a customer, the data you supply is collected. This allows us to build a comprehensive profile for each user of our site/products/services in real time, which in turn lets us provide you with an accurate, efficient and individualised experience. If you would prefer not to have your personal information collected and stored in your user profile, you can email us directly at and request that your profile be deleted. To further tailor our communications to you, we may also work with companies that collect information about your other online activities. For example, the use of Google Analytics’ third party audience data allows us to view age, gender, and interests. This helps provide advertising targeted to your interests and preferences. You can see and control the information used to display tailored advertisements to you by visiting your ad settings. Tracking pixels may also be enabled on our site help us track conversions from our online advertisements such as on Facebook. This allows us to optimise our message, improve our offering and remarket to those people who have shown interest by interacting with our website. Remarketing ads may then appear on third party sites promoting products, services or content that we feel would appeal to you. You are free to opt out of the automated collection of information by third party ad networks at any time. Either edit your preferences in the consumer opt out page for the Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioural Advertising, or opt out your Google Display Network ad preferences. Please note that the third party services we utilise may also use cookies and other tracking technologies to collect your information. You will need to review each companies Privacy Policy individually to understand how they use that information.

+ Security

We take the security of your personal information seriously, so we put in place measures to ensure it is protected from misuse, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. The data may be held in either electronic or hard copy and if any information is deemed unnecessary, it will be destroyed in an appropriate manner. All electronic information is kept on a secure server and data is encrypted using industry standard 256-bit encryption. We operate a secure system for the handling and storage of private information and financial details. However please note that since our website is connected to the internet, we cannot guarantee the security of information transferred through the internet, therefore this is transmitted at your own risk.

+ Access to your personal information

You are entitled to access your personal information at any time to change or delete any details we hold. You can access your details by logging in and editing your account, updating your details within the subscriber preference centre (accessible at the bottom of our emails), or you can request access by contacting us via email or phone. If you believe your personal details have changed or are incorrect it is your responsibility to let us know. If our service is inaccurate due to you providing incorrect details you will be liable for any financial impact of this. There may be circumstances in which we cannot grant you access to the personal information we hold. For example, we may refuse your request if providing you access would interfere with the privacy of others or result in a breach of confidentiality. In these circumstances, we will provide you with written reasons for refusal. If you believe your privacy has been breached please contact us directly.

+ Restricting personal information

You can control the amount of information that you provide us however we require a minimum amount to complete our services. If you do not give this information we reserve the right to refuse service to you. For example, by restricting information such as your email address we may not be able to provide you updates, sales or special promotions.

+ Links to other websites

This site may contain links to other websites of which we are affiliated, such as charities or dental organisations. These associations are separate entities to Single Use Dental Instruments and we cannot be held responsible for any personal information that you provide when accessing these sites. This privacy policy relates to our website only and it is your responsibility to check the privacy policy of the external links you access to ensure your information is protected.

+ Updates to our privacy policy

To ensure that we are up to date with the latest regulations we reserve the right to make amendments to our privacy policy at any time without notice. Any updates will be posted on our website for you to access at any point.