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Our Contribution To Help Revolutionise Jaw Movement Analysis

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The complex and intricate movements of the jaw play a vital role in our daily lives, facilitating speech, chewing, and various facial expressions. However, when these movements are compromised due to underlying jaw diseases, individuals can experience severe discomfort and diminished quality of life. In response to this challenge, a team of researchers is pioneering a ground-breaking digital system that aims to revolutionise the analysis of jaw movements and potentially enable early detection of jaw diseases. We gifted 100 mirrors and tweezers to Dr. Farook in support of his groundbreaking research, empowering him with the resources he needs to make significant contributions to his field.

A Guide to Single Use Dental Instruments

  A typical day in the clinic for dental professionals involves multiple patient visits. All dental health providers are responsible for providing a safe environment for patients as part of the rules for dental safety and quality requirements. For each patient, the dentist should utilize sterilized equipment. This procedure, however, is just too difficult and […]

GS1 – The global language of business

Tedious, time-consuming and uncertain Think about it. The many hours a week your team spends manually entering product codes and data into the system when new supplies are received… Does each person enter the data in the exact same format? Are you 100% certain there are no errors in the entries? How long does it […]

Introducing our improved Diagnostic Range

Our disposable diagnostic instruments ensure you spend less time setting up and more time chairside with your patients. Here at Single Use, we work hard to make sure we provide you convenience where you need it the most. From mirrors to masks, we have you covered when it comes to patient examinations. Working closely with […]

Single Use gets a makeover

Soon you will start to see the gradual introduction of a fresh new look for Single Use Dental. We have grown a lot over the past two years and have updated our branding to better reflect who we are and what we are about. Our aim is to offer you a simple, convenient and sustainable […]

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