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A Guide to Single Use Dental Instruments


A typical day in the clinic for dental professionals involves multiple patient visits. All dental health providers are responsible for providing a safe environment for patients as part of the rules for dental safety and quality requirements. For each patient, the dentist should utilize sterilized equipment. This procedure, however, is just too difficult and time-consuming. Fortunately, developments in dental technology have resulted in the creation of single-use dental devices. This blog will give you an ultimate guide to Single Use Dental Instruments.  

What is Single Use Dental Instruments? 

Single-use dental instruments are unique instruments created to eliminate the requirement for reusable dental equipment. These instruments, which include mirrors, probes, restorative instruments, and periodontal instruments, are made of high-quality materials and are suitable for a variety of dental operations.

Single Use Dental Instruments goal is simple: to minimize instrument preparation into one easy step. Pre-packed, sterile and ready for use, they remove tedious and time consuming tasks such as sterilization, sharpening and instrument testing.  They free up your time to focus on patient care plus using a new scaler will guarantee you a perfectly sharp instrument in every appointment. 

How can Single Use Dental Instruments help?

At Single Use, we have a range of instruments available which arrive pre-packaged and sterile with 5 year expiry from manufacturing date. Our stainless-steel stemmed instruments emulate the traditional reusable instruments in terms of clinical performance but offer the benefits of disposable instruments including improved clinical efficiency and eliminate any infection control risks involved in reusable instruments.

Our team draws on board industry experience to create a powerful customer experience for our clients. If you would like to try some of our samples, simply request a sample through our website or contact one of our friendly team members today!