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Supporting Smiles: Bellarine Community Health’s Inclusive Dental Program

Single Use Dental Instruments are proud to support Bellarine Community Health (BCH). An intentional, strategic collaboration to address the need for inclusivity and accessibility in dental. The Inclusive Dental Program serves the unique needs of patients with autism and mild intellectual disabilities.

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An Accessible Approach to Dental Services

Bellarine Community Health developed a unique, personalised dental service with the Inclusive Dental Program. It was initiated and funded as a pilot by the Department of Health and Human Services in 2019. The program was the first of its kind in Victoria.


After great success, BCH adopted the approach into everyday dental practices. Using a special intake process, the BCH dental team understands each patient’s needs and personalises the treatment for a positive experience. The patient-focused approach helps build confidence.

Understanding the Needs of Patients

“It is often quite difficult for people living with autism or intellectual disability to feel comfortable at the dentist and to understand what is happening, so this service is designed to reduce the anxiety and agitation for patients to give them a more positive dental experience,” says BCH Dental Services Manager Robyn Bastiaan.

“The dentist can be a scary experience for many people, so for young children and people with autism or a disability, especially around sensory and communications challenges, it can be so traumatic.”

Preparing for a Positive Dental Experience

Managing what patients should expect when visiting the dentist is something BCH has paid attention to. The patients receive the following items to familiarise themselves with:

  • Show bag with visual aids
  • Social story
  • Toothbrush
  • Single Use Front Face Mirror
  • Gloves
  • Facemask

During the appointment, patients are provided with noise-cancelling headphones and iPads which are used to assist the patients. Believers in BCH and their mission, Single Use is assisting by providing sterile, disposable dental instruments.


“Without a doubt, we felt the need to support the Inclusive Dental Program. As private-sector dental suppliers, we have a great responsibility to support compassionate programs. Ultimately, it’s about paying it forward. We acknowledge the incredible work BCH has achieved and continues to do for the community and are proud to stand behind them,” commented Managing Director of Single Use, Barney Johnson.

Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

Private sector suppliers of quality, convenient, sterilised dental instruments, clinical consumables, and oral surgery packs, Single Use sell ready-to-use upon-arrival dental solutions. Part of the mission and core values of Single Use is positive corporate social responsibility for people and the planet.

Single Use dedicates resources to a circular economy, most notably seen in the SMART Waste Recovery Program to help reduce carbon emissions. Achieved by repurposing waste into an energy source, an industry striving to work towards a zero-waste solution.

“Solutions for dental care should not discriminate or come at the cost of our planet. Care should be accessible to everyone. The Inclusive Dental Program does that, making a difference for patients and relatives visiting the dentist. Building confidence and serving their needs. It’s programs like this that create a brighter future in dental that we’re glad to be a part of,” said Barney Johnson.

Investing in Community Health

Addressing the gaps in dental care through a mutually shared effort for a kinder, more inclusive, and mindful environment for the dental industry. Patients of BCH can leave with smiles that shine brighter, and families who feel seen, understood, and supported.


The donation to BCH is a great outcome for all involved, including internal and external stakeholders. From the simple action of investing in community healthcare, for profound, far-reaching impacts that make a difference.


The Single Use team invites you to learn more, and assist in helping raise awareness for Bellarine Community Health’s Inclusive Dental Program, click below to learn more:

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One Smile at a Time

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