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Supporting Dental Education: Single Use Partners with PEAK. ED

Our world is increasingly adopting and encouraging the need for professional and personal development for mental well-being. However, with clear amounts of pressure, stress, and burnout rates for dentists it can be challenging to adopt. 

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The Need for Professional Development in Dental

Single Use recognises the need for professional growth and opportunities. As a company, we’re committed to providing simple solutions for modern dental needs. Within our core values and ethos, we incorporate a new way of thinking for a smarter way of working. So, we’re proud to be official sponsors of PEAK. ED’s programs.

Enriching Dental Education for Advanced Procedures

PEAK. ED are leaders in providing advanced training and courses that upskill dentists with modern techniques and knowledge. Their trainings are backed by real-life experiences taught by leaders at the forefront of advanced procedures and evidence-based treatments.

Brilliance Behind PEAK. ED’s Expert Leadership

The trainers and leaders behind PEAK. ED’s efforts in advancing dental practices consist of Dr Varun Garg and Dr Sara Byrne. Dr Varun Garg is a Dr. Steele Award winner and specialises in aesthetic, reconstructive, and implant dentistry. Dr Sara Byrne is a distinguished periodontist and completed specialised training in implant dentistry in New York.

Hands-on Learning in Aesthetics & Implantology

PEAK. ED’s curriculum covers a variety of topics. Attendees can obtain experience in the following subjects:

  • Biomimetics and aesthetics
  • Tooth and smile anatomy
  • Isolation matrix selection
  • Stratification principles for predictable outcomes
  • Class IV restorations to fully poly-chromatic composite veneers
  • Injection moulding technique
  • CBCT scans
  • Implant planning, impressions, placement, and fabrication of implant provisional crown
  • Fitting, occlusion, and maintenance of implants

Shared Commitment to Dental Education

‘We saw an opportunity to support the well-being of dentists’ professional development with PEAK. ED. We want dentists to excel in their own right. So, thanks to PEAK. ED, this sponsorship allows us to become part of the same solution that empowers dentists’, said Barney Johnson, Managing Director of Single Use.

‘The two words to describe Single Use Instruments are efficiency and quality. Being a Prosthodontist, the quality of instruments is critical for me to be able to see and feel all intricate details. We don’t only utilise these instruments in practice but also for my continuous education programs for dentists to maintain optimal infection control.’

‘The time saving is not having to sterilise instruments repeatedly is alone enough for me to recommend Single Use and the brilliant team behind this company is just the cherry on top.’, said Dr Varun Garg from PEAK. ED.

‘I think the value in aesthetics and implant training, and general dental courses needs more attention. Dr. Garg and Dr. Byrne share a wealth of knowledge and experience that quite frankly is making a major difference for dentists. I’m honoured to collaborate with and support them.’, stated Barney Johnson.

Empowering Education with Quality Support

Single Use supports PEAK. ED alongside Henry Schein, Ultradent, BioMeDent, and GC. Our contribution is supplying diagnostic kits that are sterile, and ready to use upon arrival with clinical consumables.

The Hope for Dental Education

This partnership hopes to promote forward-thinking approaches and adoptions to dental education, respecting the immense value of continued learning. As we support dentists in the everyday operations of their practice, we invite you to join us at PEAK. ED’s programs:

Together, let’s advance the future of dental education, one instrument, one course, and one smile at a time.