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An Ultimate Guide to the Evolution of the Consumable Society

What is our obsession with all things shiny and new? Whatever happened to investing in something which would last a lifetime or at least a long time? Customers of today are ruthless, with a voracious appetite to consume. Are we so used to having access to as much of what we want that quality is no longer a requirement? 

The answer is both yes and no. One must remember, not all disposables are made equal.


Disposables originated due to a fear of bacteria. The first Single Use drinking cup was invented after a health pioneer saw a young girl drink from a communal cup right after a tuberculosis patient in the weary 1900’s. At that point, the potential for cross – contamination from reusables was identified and by 1909 a bean on communal drinking cups was in place. 

A great breakthrough in our medical history, so why the negativity? Well, unfortunately the nature of disposables soon changed course. 

Spiralling out of control 

Once the world opened its eyes to disposables, the convenience they provided was soon realised. Cheap products promoted as both hygienic and handy rolled out across all consumer markets, with many manufacturers quickly learning the profitability of repetitive consumption. Besides single-use medical equipment like our dental instruments, when modern consumables are created the original need for infection prevention is often overshadowed by providing first world conveniences.

Waste Issue 

The health industry is the second-largest contributor to landfill after the food industry. There would still be a tremendous issue with the waste generated from that entirely. Realistically, disposables are now so commonplace in our culture that removing them isn’t an option. We can reduce our use but alternative waste management is where the answer lies.

Single Use Dental Instruments are doing what it takes to make our instruments a single-use, zero waste solution. We want to better manage our waste to provide an excellent resource for new products designed for use outside of the healthcare environment, which by doing so will protect ours.

Recycling healthcare waste is a tricky process but one which is already in place in other environmentally aware countries. We are working tirelessly to ensure that we can bring this to Australia.

Our team draws on board industry experience to create a powerful customer experience for our clients. If you would like to try some of our samples, simply request a sample through our website or contact one of our friendly team members today!