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Affordable Dental Surgery Kits

Operating a dental practice can be a balancing act between overheads, appointments, and ordering consumables. That’s why we’re thrilled about our new, reduced pricing structure for procedure packs.

Standard Implant and Oral Surgery Procedure Pack

Same Trusted Quality,
New Great Pricing

Thanks to our partners’ ongoing support and internal efficiencies, we’ve achieved greater economies of scale. By saving additional costs in our production, we’re able to pass these savings back to you. This is our way of expressing our gratitude and strengthening our long-term partnership.

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$210.00 ex GST

Simple Solutions for Modern Dental Needs

In line with our mission to provide straightforward, quality, simple dental solutions, we’re not altering our products. The quality, inclusions, and materials of our procedure packs remain unchanged. The difference is they are now budget-friendly for greater cost-efficiency, without compromising the quality.

Cause Behind Change

The outcome of our market research and customer feedback has been impressive. By listening, we’ve identified a need for more affordable procedure packs, and we’ve acted to fill this gap. This has aligned with our customer satisfaction and market competitiveness goals.


The Single Use Difference

We aim to provide efficiencies, streamline, and simplify the preparation process for our partners. Our procedure packs are convenient and ready to use upon arrival. Reducing risks of cross-contamination, and saving valuable time with simple solutions, that’s the Single Use difference.


Perks of Procedure Pack Pricing

With the new, reduced pricing structure larger quantities can be ordered to save on shipping costs. Offering same-day dispatch and free shipping for online orders over $350, you can save even more.

The change invites practices of all sizes to experience Single Use, which helps us grow so we can scale our competitiveness, invest in new products, and improve our services.


Our Quality Remains Unchanged

For new and continued partners, the calibre of our procedure packs has not changed. The packs are still made with the same standards, only changing the price. The reduction is for practices competitiveness and cost-efficiency nationwide.

Valuing Our Partners

We acknowledge that a pricing change can prompt questions, especially for our long-standing partners. Appreciating your loyalty, we’re offering an exclusive promotion for your trust in our solutions.

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Customer Service Commitment

We’re committed to your confidence in us and dedicated to supporting your growth and success. For any questions or assistance regarding the new pricing or exclusive promotion, please contact our customer service team.

Keep It Simple with Single Use

Take advantage of our new pricing today, ensuring your practice benefits from the same quality with even better value for money.

Place your order now and experience the Single Use difference in your practice

Thank You

Our progress is a direct result of your support and is instrumental to us. We treasure your continued trust and support in Single Use and cherish our future of mutual success.