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Get to know our NSW Brand Representative

So Tirion why don’t you tell us a little about yourself

Ok, so my name is Tirion and I am the second youngest of five siblings. I am the NSW Brand representative for Single Use Dental Instruments in Australia and I really love it. I am half Welsh, and my name is Welsh. Not many people have heard it before – prior to Game of Thrones anyway! I love animals, probably to the point of obsession. I also have a guilty penchant for reality TV.

Describe your role with Single Use Dental to us

My role is a varied one, no two days are exactly the same. I spend a lot of time reaching out to members of the various districts in NSW, spreading awareness of our instruments. I often meet with people to present our instruments or give them product updates. When they get to experience the quality of our instruments in person for the first time, I so often hear how pleasantly surprised they are.

What is the most meaningful part of your job?

It’s rewarding to meet with people and hear about how our products really impact and improve the productivity in clinics. I always feel a little sense of pride when I hear that (even though it’s a credit to the instruments, not myself!).

What inspires you to succeed every day?

I find it very gratifying when I can see a visible increase in the popularity of our instruments in NSW, I feel like I’ve made a difference. It’s really satisfying to help to grow our brand as part of the team. Plus, I often think of the future family of puppies I want to be able to own one day!

What’s going well in your role? Any wins (big or small) this week?

Since I’ve started at Single Use it’s really great to have seen various districts join the Single Use journey. We are partnering with more and more associations to create awareness of the benefits of our instruments such as the ADA NSW and Victoria, and ADOHTA. This week we will be donating instruments to be used in the Sydney University simulation lab, so it will be exciting to see what the future dentists of Australia think about them!

What challenges are you facing in your role?

I have always been very nervous in public speaking. Something I’m personally proud of is how much I’ve grown into it in this role, with regard to meeting new people. It is definitely a struggle sometimes for me to present to large groups – I hope I disguise it well! There’s also the aspect of Single Use instruments being outside “the norm” in the dental industry – innovation and change can be a bit intimidating for some. However, once our customers have embraced our products they never look back.

What three words would you use to describe Single Use Dental?

Way of the future. (Ok, that’s four!)

If you had to describe our company as an animal, what animal would it be and why?

Perhaps an Armadillo. I recently visited the Melbourne Museum and the Armadillo was by far the most unique animal in the animal exhibit. Armadillos have a unique protective shell unlike any other, similar to our instruments. They are very resourceful animals, constantly digging – rather like our trend for innovation and adaptive nature of Single Use.

What is your favourite dental instrument and why?

The front faced mirror, for obvious reasons! It can be used to check for parsley in my teeth or mascara application… and of course for plaque.

When do you have the most fun at work?

I have the most fun when I meet with someone who I naturally get on well with, it’s nice to build personal relationships as well as professional. I also love trips up to Queensland to spend time with the team at the Australian head office.

What are you most excited for on a Friday arvo?

Well THIS weekend in particular, there is a Dog Lovers Show in Sydney that I can’t wait for! In general, I love to go out to lunch and dinner on the weekend with friends or my partner. We love trying new places in Sydney, and I particularly love to brunch.

How can our New South Wales customers and interested clinics get in touch with you?

They can reach me at tirion@sudinstruments.com

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Well that crept up in the blink of an eye.

We are reaching our milestones quicker each year, and with our Waste to Energy service now rolled out we expect to gain momentum swiftly.

5 million won’t be far away!


The culmination of a determined vision and many years hard work has seen us be able to introduce our much-anticipated Waste to Energy program!

With the partnership of specialised waste service providers, the process of collecting used Single Use instruments and converting them into energy is now a reality… and we couldn’t be happier.

Contact your local sales representative to find out if this available in your region.